Massage Therapist

Nicole “Massage Therapist” Years of experience: 2008 to Present. Specialties: Medical and Sports Therapy. Hobbies: Influencing and modeling.


Cecilee “Master Barber/Stylist” Years of experience:2009 to Present. Specialties:Braiding, Fades, Waxing and Shaves. Hobbies:Working out, Art & Science Projects Cecilee’s Clients

Master Barber

Neziah “Master Barber” Years of experience: 2019 to present Specialties: Bald fades, comb overs, gentleman’s cut, beard line ups and beard trims. Hobbies: Art, producer, mixer, master, music. Neziah’s Clients

Master Barber

Kevin “Master Barber” Years of experience: 2003 to Present Specialties: Shaves, Beards, Fading using advanced barbering techniques tools & products. Hobbies: Sports, Continuing education classes. Kevin’s Clients


Alondra “Stylist“ Years of experience: 2015 to present Specialties:  Mens haircuts & styling along with   beard trims. I also specialize in scissor cuts and a wide variety of skin care and spa services such as eyebrow/ear/nose/chest waxing, scalp treatment, manicure & pedicure. I also am a grey coverage/ color specialist!  Hobbies: My biggest interest is in the hair industry is which is why I…


Parker “Stylist.“ Years of experience: 2014 to Present Specialties: Hobbies:

ㅤㅤㅤManagerㅤㅤㅤMaster Barber/Stylist

Sharaya “Stylist“ Years of experience: 2012 to present Specialties:  Im very versatile and can perform a wide variety of haircuts from bald fades to any business cut anyone desires. I’m highly skilled in any of our additional services such as ear/nose/eyebrow/back/chest waxing and relaxing pedicures!  Hobbies: I’m a Wife and mother of two crazy kids. My favorite pass times…


Tanna “Owner/Stylist” Years of experience: 2003 to present Specialties:   I enjoy scissor/business cuts and styles. I also specialize in waxing and skin care services such as our facials and waxing.  Hobbies: Gym, outdoors, sports, Church